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The One Thing Everyone Should Be In Agreement About Concerning Ferguson

How should Christians respond to the decisions in Ferguson, Missouri and New York, New York?  I think Jesus shows us the way in the eleventh chapter of St. John’s gospel.  Jesus has a friend named Lazarus that is dying and instead of going to him at once he waits around until he is dead.  Let’s…


Ferguson and the Gospel

Placing one foot in front of the other, moving towards the mall opening from the Foley’s I was passing through, I was almost there.  I was heading to the food court to catch up with my friends.  Out of nowhere the security official from Dillard’s stopped me and asked me to empty out the pockets of…


Pornography, Judas, and the Deadly Isolation of Condemnation

Every one of our thought lives has been polluted by living as sinful people in a culture and generation saturated with sex. Some of us know it and some of us don’t, but it’s true. The result is a generation of people that are destroying relationships on a broad scale because either we are looking…