Our Mission

We exist to raise followers of Jesus for the city

Our Values

Jesus Christ is The Gospel

In the person of Jesus God emptied himself of his glory and became human. (Romans 1:3-4)

Through the Work of Jesus God substituted himself for us and atoned for our sin, by grace bring us into fellowship with him in the church. (1 Corinthians 15:3)

At the return of Jesus God will restore creation and make a new world in which we can enjoy our new life together with him forever. (Romans 8)

We are the family of God.

We are saved into an eternal Family.  — sons and daughters in One Son, Before the Father.


God wants people to know about him and his crazy love for us.  We who are in love with him can't help but to tell people about Jesus and allow them to experience his love, so we are on mission.


Because God wants to desires to see his face and glory throughout the world we want to see churches planted.

We’ve planted:  Reconcile Church Charlotte. reconcileclt.org

We’ve planted: Refuge Detroit refugedetroit.org

Social Justice

A true experience of the grace of Jesus Christ inevitably motivates a man or woman to seek justice in the world.  The greatest act of social justice to ever happen in the world was the Lord dying on behalf of sinners.  It was social because his act was done for people.  It was justice because the world has offended a righteous God with the injustice we have done to each other and to the Father with our disobedience.  Jesus needed to be executed as our penal substitution.  His heart breaks for those in our world who are enslaved or oppressed.  As the Lord’s heart breaks for injustice, so does the Lord’s disciple.